May 12, 2020

Presentation of EUPAP Team Sweden

The Public Health Agency of Sweden has the overall responsibility for the EUPAP project and reports directly to Chafea. The agency is an expert authority with responsibility for public health issues at a national level and works to ensure good public health and counteract health inequalities. We have the task of disseminating scientifically based knowledge to promote health and prevent disease and injury. In collaboration with other stakeholders, we offer knowledge based and methodological support. As well as monitoring and evaluation of preventive public health efforts.

"The physical activity on prescription method to promote physical activity on prescription within health-care was introduced in Sweden twenty years ago, it is a great privilege to be a part of a project that aims to develop and adapt this method for European health-care systems" 

- Anna Bessö Head of department of Living Conditions and Lifestyles at the Public Health Agency of Sweden.

The EUPAP team in Sweden consist of experts within public health, physical activity, nutrition and epidemiology. In addition, the team also contains a communication specialist, an administrative manager as well as an administrative manager, with experience in the financial management of research projects.

The Swedish EUPAP team:

- Anna Bessö, Head of the Department of Living Conditions and Lifestyles. Anna Bessö has the overall responsibility of the project, takes the strategic decisions, and is the Swedish representative of the EUPAP Assembly.

- Annmarie Wesley, overall project leader for the EUPAP project

- Anna Jansson, responsible for legal and financial matters

- Agnetha Bäckman, administrative support

- Frida Persson, communication specialist

- Pia Lindeskog, responsible for the work with WP4 in Sweden

- Marita Friberg, overall responsibility for WP5

- Kajsa Mickelsson, overall responsibility for WP6

- Lena Hansson, responsible for the work with WP7 in Sweden.

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