November 26, 2020

Presentation of EUPAP Team Denmark

In Denmark it is the Management of Strategic Health Randers (Sundhedsstrategisk Ledelse), including Randers Regional Hospital and the four Municipalities of Randers, Favrskov, Syddjurs and Norddjurs, who are working towards implementing the Swedish model of Physical Activity on Prescription (PAP).

The Management of Strategic Health Randers is a cross sectional health alliance consisting of Randers Regional Hospital, the four Municipalities of Randers, Favrskov, Syddjurs and Norddjurs, as well as general practitioners, whose purpose is to further develop and strengthen the relational ties across the different health sectors, as well as create change, improvement and solutions for a better health collaboration. The EUPAP project was given to the Management of Strategic Health Randers due their high experience working cross sectional. It is an essential part of the Swedish method to build bridge across healthcare services and the local community.

The Danish focus of implementing PAP is to engage our target group of mentally vulnerable patients into local activity organizations, communities, municipal facilities and/or sport clubs in order to make them stay committed to being more physically active over time. But also to bolster them socially and strengthen their feeling of self-efficacy and success.

The EUPAP team in Denmark consist of health managers from both the Hospital and the Municipalities. The management level constitutes our local PAP Steering Group and has the responsibility to make strategic choices of implementation and remove potential barriers for implementation. In addition, the team also contains frontline personnel who (will) work with PAP and whose responsibility is to execute the decisions of the Steering Group and support local implementation of PAP. Lastly, the team has an administrative manager who coordinate across all local levels, and who has the formal contact with Sweden and the rest of the EUPAP partners.


The Danish EUPAP team:

 - Marianne Jensen, Nurse Director of Randers Regional Hospital. Marianne is also member of the EUPAP Consortium Group.

 - Christina Breddam, Health Manager of Randers Municipality

 - Jes Svenninggaard, Handicap and Psychiatry Manager of Favrskov Municipality

 - Lone Sandahl, administrative support for WP3, WP6, and WP7

 - Mette Maersk Clausen, Danish project leader of the EUPAP project and responsible for WP1-WP7 in Denmark

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