November 10, 2020

Presentation of EUPAP Team Belgium

The Flemish Institute of Healthy Living strives for a healhy Flanders. The institute is considered to be an expert authority when it comes to preventive health, and it tries to stimulate Flemish citizens, in a very accessible way, to maintain a healthy daily lifestyle.

The Flemish institute for Healthy Living is a Flemish government-funded, non-academic centre for health promotion and disease prevention and provides strategies, advice, methodologies and support for the implementation and training of health workers and professionals. The institute supports everyone who is working in health promotion and disease prevention, including both practitioners and policymakers. The mission of the organization is to promote a healthy lifestyle in a healthy environment and to contribute to a better quality of life for all inhabitants of Flanders. Our focus areas are health promotion, motivating use of preventive measures, healthy and sustainable food, physical activity and sedentary behavior, tobacco prevention and smoking cessation, mental health promotion, healthy environment and health inequality.

The Flemish institute for Healthy Living stands for quality and objectivity by aiming for evidence-based practices from national and international systematic research. The institute works in close collaboration with stakeholders and a range of field-, scientific and government organizations.

The EUPAP project is part of the theme ‘Physical Activity and Sedentary Behaviour’. Experts on physical activity manage a Flemish PAP since a couple of years in Flanders. These experts are also working within the EUPAP project.

Luc Lipkens

Dempsey Demeyer

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