September 30, 2021

A new EUPAP office opened in Lithuania

On the 25th of September, a new EUPAP partner office was opened in Lithuania where patients with chronic diseases and other health problems were invited to participate in European Physical Activity on Prescription program. During this project, healthcare specialists (doctor nutritionist, physiotherapist or other) will be meeting with their patients for a 30 min initial consultation to identify patient’s current physical activity status and to discuss opportunities on how to increase it in order to tackle or ease his current health issues. After a consultation, a patient will be provided with several recommendations on how to improve his physical activity levels such as taking regular walks, using a staircase instead of an elevator more often, going regularly to a gym, dancing etc. In addition to that, a body weight analysis will be conducted by a special device. After prescribing physical activity as a treatment a healthcare specialist together with a patient will agree on preferred ways of communication and schedule a follow-up meeting to monitor the progress of physical activity based on patient’s health status.

EUPAP project coordinator in Lithuania, Sandra Saboniene, was excited to share that "so far a new EUPAP office opening in Lithuania has received a lot of interest from our key targeted groups and patients are actively registering for a consultation with a certified specialist“.

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