November 07, 2021

2021 physical activity factsheets published by WHO for EU member states

WHO (World Health Organization) published physical activity factsheets for EU member states regarding the HEPA policies implemented by the country members in the last 3 years. These factsheets are published by WHO with the support of the European Commission every 3 years since 2015.

Physical activity factsheets provide country snapshots of current physical activity levels amongst different demographics, listed sectors with surveillance systems to monitor physical activity, a review of counseling on physical activity and exercise prescription situation within the selected EU member state and many more. Furthermore, it also reviews national policies and action plans in place to promote physical activity for health in different sectors and describes which targeted populations they are aimed for. In addition to that, they also overview an amount of mandatory physical education for health and its benefits provided in both primary and secondary schools at each EU member state, as well as measure people‘s daily travel by the modes of transport used gathered by a national travel survey.

The aim of this document and its country factsheets is to support EU member states by exchanging best practices and experiences for further development and implementation of effective policies.


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